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Understand, explore and manage ideas and integrated intelligence.


How does the platform operate

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    Discover the real world

    There are people in the organisation. Lots of individuals. They constantly gather together in informal groups. The groups are networks. The networks combine to form supernetworks. Different types of information, i.e. opinions, memes, ideas, concepts, behavioural patterns, circulate through these informal supernetworks. Informal networks encapsulate the will of the group – that consists of thinking together, working together and developing together. An essential prerequisite to manifest the collective will – a cognitive and motivational synchronisation of people who are part of a supernetwork in an atmosphere of trust and sincerity.

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    Discover supernetworks

    For supernetworking, Nature devised communications and control systems. Communications define information exchange. The control system is a kind of "nervous system", it determines the types of cognitive and motivational synchronisation. This is the way in which all bionetworks, including human supernetworks, are arranged. Every organisation is, above all, a bionetwork.

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    Start to direct evolution

    To control the development and efficiency of supernetworks, it is necessary to manage trust, sincerity, integrated intelligence, behavioural patterns and the ideosphere. This is not something we are taught at school, university or an MBA programme. That is why we developed the Seendex platform. It provides all the necessary tools for the management of human and organisational supernetworks.

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    It is time to board the supersonic airplane

    In a digitalised network economy there are no hierarchies, territories and language barriers. There the supernetworks are allocated infrastructure platforms and correct decisions are made in an instant. The viability of an organisation in a digitalised economy is determined by “agility”, which is defined as the rate of behavioural adaptation, the quality of the synchronisation of collective will and the openness of each person.

The structure of the platform

  • Seendex-Org is an automated assessment and monitoring platform of the agility of a company in terms of the quality of its organisational development. The assessment is based on employee feedback. Information exchange, the management system, working practices and general culture are analysed.
  • Seendex-Team is an automated assessment of the agility of employee groups. The assessment is based on feedback from group members and the results of automated assessments of team-work and the ability to self-organise.
  • Seendex-Human is an automated assessment of human agility. The assessment is based on personal feedback and the results of an automated measurement of learning ability and the ability to teach the style and quality of critical and intuitive thinking, ethical and motivational priorities.
  • Seendex-Cognition is an automated assessment of the collective cognitive potential of an organisation in terms of the analysis of its integrated intelligence. The assessment is based on the tools Seendex-Human and Seendex-Team as well as additional methods of analysis.
  • Seendex-Serendipity is an automated assessment of the quality of an organisation’s idiosphere. The assessment is based on the tools Seendex-Human and Seendex-Team as well as additional methods of analysis.
  • Seendex-Psy is an automated assessment of the quality of the emotional ambience of an organisation. The assessment is based on employee feedback, sensory data, production statistics and additional methods of analysis.
  • Seendex-Network is an automated assessment and monitoring of the agility of an organisation’s network structure. The assessment is based on analysis of technical (any kinds of «digital footprints») and sensor data.
  • Seendex-Modality is an automated assessment of an organisation’s management system. The assessment is based on the tools Seendex-Org, Seendes-Human, Seendex-Team tools as well as additional methods of analysis.
  • Seendex-Sync is an automated arrangement of an organisation’s goals to improve its evolutional potential and efficiency. Setting goals based on the results of Seendex-Org, Seendex-Human, Seendex-Team, Seendex-Network and additional data. Taken into account are an organisation’s stage of development, the quality of its supernetworks, integrated intelligence and its management potential.

The capabilities of the platform

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    The platform

    The Seendex platform is a portfolio of methodologies and automated tools to assess the level of viability in an organisation and its readiness to work in a digitalised network economy. The platform is the situational centre for the management of human and organisation networks.

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    Advanced ontology

    To replace average, disparate content, retrospective mechanistic parameters (KPI), we have developed an integral system of attributes that enable us to describe, measure and manage objects – human networks and integrated intelligence of organisations. The Seendex platform uses different types of data – structured and unstructured.

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    Modern algorithms

    Built-in algorithms process all types of data and do not require any user input. We apply the most advanced practices in the sphere of network analysis and modelling (Social Network Analysis) and agent-based modelling (Agent-Based Computational Modelling). The user receives the results in the form of an index system, which is easy to navigate.

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    Situational awareness

    Several circuits have been designed to gather data and time is allocated to reappraise the indexes. Two types of measurements are carried out in real time: fundamental measures used for strategic planning and indicative ones used for operational control and adjustments.

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    Privacy and security

    It provides opportunities to separate access rights and to register all transactions in the system. Various data encryption and anonymisation solutions are used. The research results are stored in consolidated statistical form. Data transfer is secured by SSL Certificate. Users gain access to data in the form of an index.

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    Expansibility and scalability

    The possibilities of cloud technologies afford the flexibly to scale the platform to the requirements and load. The architecture of the system is designed to meet the scalability and integration requirements of corporate systems.

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